$350 million in war insurance for Ukraine is offered by Aon and Development Finance Corp.

$350 million in war insurance for Ukraine is offered by Aon and Development Finance Corp.


Aon, in collaboration with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), has announced a $350 million insurance program aimed at supporting Ukraine amidst its ongoing conflict with Russia. This initiative, unveiled on June 12, 2024, marks a significant effort to facilitate economic recovery and attract foreign investment by mitigating the risks associated with the war.

The program is designed to provide insurance coverage for investments and projects in Ukraine, addressing concerns about political risks and the stability of the region. By doing so, it aims to encourage international businesses to engage in the reconstruction and economic revitalization of Ukraine, which has been severely impacted by the conflict.

Aon’s involvement underscores its commitment to leveraging its expertise in risk management to support global recovery efforts. This insurance program is particularly noteworthy as it represents one of the largest initiatives of its kind, signaling strong international support for Ukraine. The DFC’s participation highlights the U.S. government’s strategic interest in stabilizing and rebuilding Ukraine, aligning with broader efforts to provide substantial aid and assistance to the country.

This initiative is part of a broader trend of significant international financial support for Ukraine. Since the onset of the conflict in February 2022, the World Bank Group has mobilized over $42 billion in aid, with the majority coming from development partners. This financial assistance has been crucial in maintaining the Ukrainian economy and supporting its recovery efforts.

The new insurance program by Aon and the DFC aims to complement these efforts by specifically targeting investment risks, thus paving the way for more sustainable economic activities and long-term development projects in Ukraine. It reflects a comprehensive approach to aid, combining immediate financial support with strategic initiatives to foster economic resilience and growth.

Overall, the $350 million insurance program represents a critical step in bolstering investor confidence and driving economic recovery in Ukraine, showcasing a robust partnership between public and private sectors to address the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.

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